My name is Peter Holdy.

I was born in Slovakia and now i am living in the United Kingdom.

People know me from my Youtube channel where I am helping people on their journey to fly paragliding. I'm a paragliding pilot with more that 1000+flying hours, club coach, instructor for Flying Frenzy school ,tandem pilot and also a PPL (Private pilot licence) holder. My goal is to achieve my dream and be an inspiration for others! Flying has changed my life and i would love to carry on along this path.

Partnership / Sponsors and Charities

I cannot meet my dream without the help of companies and people like you. If you consider making any donation to help achieve this project/dream please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your consideration! You won't be disappointed!
Through my big adventure I would like to support charities. If you wish to donate, then please do. It will be a great help.
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Project i am working on

Dream to fly around the World

I would like to achieve my biggest dream to fly around the World in a small Single Engine aircraft, fly my paraglider and take tandem passengers so they spread their wings on my journey through countries.

I was inspired by my biggest hero

Adrian Vidamour

My friend Adrian who appeared in my Youtube videos, showed us that impossible can be possible. Adie has Cerebral palsy which effects his motions and he has to use a wheelchair to move around. The point is that Adie can´t walk but he can fly. It took lots of hard work and free time of fantastic people which helped to achieve the impossible which changed Adies life ! Now I am in a similar situation as Adie was. I know that I can achieve my Project/ Big dream but i will need help with it! I want to make my Project/Big Dream be part of yours ! When we will have the same path then we will achieve impossible things!

What will be needed

To achieve my adventure around the World
To be able to do this big trip i will need your help, only then we will be able to achieve Big Things!

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Partners and Sponsors

Here are partners and sponsors supporting my vision, Thank you !

Media Partner and Sponsor

Media Partner

Flying experience

I am giving you the chance to share my flying enthusiasm and inviting you to join me high in the sky. I am flying General aviation planes from Dunkeswell airport where i am renting planes to do local spectacular flights around the Jurassic Coast and it is a World Heritage Site on the English Channel coast of southern England
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Hello Guys The Day that all of us were waiting for is here ! In this live stream we will find out who is the lucky winner of Dream BGD wing. It will be incredible if all ...
Hello Guys I wanted for long time to take-off from Sidmouth. I had to land on the beach as i forgot my gopro in my back pocket. I had beautiful low crazy flying ...

Feel free to contact me

If you have any questions please feel free to ask,  Flying experience, paragliding, General flying...
If you are potential sponsor, partnership, donation, charity, project helper,  I would love to hear from you..

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