Dream to fly around the World

I would like to achieve my biggest dream to fly around the World in a small Single Engine aircraft, fly my paraglider and take tandem passengers so they spread their wings on my journey through countries.

Many of my Youtube / Instagram subscribers are inviting me to visit them in their countries to enjoy new breathtaking adventures. My plan is to share this adventure with anyone who is interested and I want to make it free for people who will be joining me on our journey around the World. I want to show how kind our sport can be! This is for everyone who is interested and inspired by flying and travelling, help people to fly and help anyone to experience what flying is about ! Disabled people, young, old, families, all are welcome to join us! I want to make a big adventure which will change many lives !

All of us were at some point dreaming of how it will feel like to fly like birds, be free without limits. On my way through my dream I will help other people to achieve their dreams, inspire people, help charities and people who really need it!  

How my plan looks.

Here on this picture you can see how the route can look like. There will be changes to the route as i believe different people will invite me to see their country.  Weather can change route or Visa / permissions, regulations...  

How long it can take to fly around the World ?

Estimated time to fly around the World will be around 3 - 6 months. (could be up to 365 days max) I do not want to rush anything. I want to see and explore as much as possible! 

Will need to find an aircraft for the trip.

Still looking for the right aircraft for this trip. After many hours spent searching the internet, I found 3 types of aircraft which will be ideal as they need to be fuel efficient , good performing ,low maintenance and capable of carrying heavy loads and passengers. The Aircraft needs to be big enough as i want to be able to sleep in it! People are offering me to crash on their sofas but I am hoping that the aircraft will give some personal space and make life easier for the people who will be hosting me and showing me their country. 

3 types of aircraft:

Cessna 210

Beechcraft - A36 Bonanza 

Piper PA-32 Saratoga

Sharing the Trip and Stories.

Through the trip i will be taking different people on different flying legs so we can make a big story and enjoy adventures and freedom together. Already i have people interested in flying with me on different legs with beautiful stories ! Still you have the chance to take your place in the aircraft and tell us your story. Anyone who wants to fly with me in aircraft or Tandem paragliding flying are welcome to do so. 

Why i want to do this trip ?

  • Help other people
  • Raise money for charities 
  • Make big Adventure
  • Make a Documentary
  • Make this dream part of yours ! 
Why i really want to achieve this Adventure/ Dream ?
Imagination is following me around, when one day i will be facing death and when death will ask me "What will you do different in your life, if you will have one more chance ? "

Do you know that ? No body talking about money, how much they earn, own. People talking about things they done, where they have been, what people they meet, what friends they made, love they experienced and things they were afraid to do ! Many times people have fear to do their Big Dreams as they were afraid of falling and failing ! 
If you were given another chance in your life to do things differently, what will be your answer? People at the end of their lives mostly will say that if i had one more chance i would do anything to achieve my Dream ! I will try no matter the cost , fear or falls !

So this imagination of me facing Death.  I want to say to Death in the face that  "I do not want change anything in my life as i did everything i wanted to do! "
This is my real reason why i want to do this trip / Dream ! 

I know it will be really difficult and some places look unrealistic but i wont give up and i will keep fighting!

Feel free to contact me

If you have any questions please feel free to ask,  Flying experience, paragliding, General flying...
If you are potential sponsor, partnership, donation, charity, project helper,  I would love to hear from you..

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