I am aiming to document the whole trip and share it on my Youtube channel

It will be a big challenge to keep it as up to date as possible. I would like to keep video from the trip flowing near real time with 1 or 2 days delays, keep everyone knowing what is happening so people can join us on our big trip! Will need volunteers to help me to make this trip possible!

  • Video editing

    Volunteers who will help with video editing as it will be impossible for me to keep up with this.

  • Planning

    Weather, Route, Permission, Paperwork , Travel Visa, anyone who understands how aviation works everywhere.

Estimate Cost of trip

This is just estimate cost as everything can change , depends of weather, route, prices of different countries.
IR (instrument rating ) - £12000
Fuel Money - 25gal/h fuel burn distance 33433nm - 20252 litres x £2/l = £40 500
Food - £10 day x 365 = £3650
Parking- £20day =£7000
Maintenance - £10 000

Estimate Total Needed : £75 000

Will need aircraft for the trip and here are 3 types which will be ideal for our trip 

  • 3 types of plane I am looking for:

    Beechcraft - A36 Bonanza 1967-1987 = £130k- £270k
    Cessna 210 - 1972-1986 = £110k- £250k
    Piper PA-32 Saratoga 1980-1990 = £110k- £260k
    After the trip, the plane will be sold back so money can be used for charities or give back to person/company who helped with aircraft ! Renting is not an option as they will lose the money by renting.

  • Cessna 207 project £25k + £100k repairs

    I found the perfect type of plane for this trip, a 7seater Cessna 207 SU-ARM in Africa. If that plane will be worth considering for restoration then we can save lots of money, only if i will find kind people to help me with Cessna project. £100k price is estimated if there will be no help. If people like you will help restore this plane for our trip around the World then i believe we can save up to £30k

Feel free to contact me

If you have any questions please feel free to ask,  Flying experience, paragliding, General flying...
If you are potential sponsor, partnership, donation, charity, project helper,  I would love to hear from you..

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